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Canine Cove is commited to helping those who need care for their dogs. We can provide pickup and dropoff services as well as no touch valet dropoff at Canine Cove.

If you can't get out with your dog or it's unsafe for you to do so, we can help!

Impact on your dog

Cabin fevor can be just as much of a problem for your pets as it is for you, and walking around the neighborhood might not be enough for your dogs mental health.

Separation anxiety can be a real problem once you have to go back to work or just have the chance to go out to visit friends.

Lack of social interaction can be a problem for those dogs that thrive when they are part of the pack.


Daycare can be the answer if your dog is having problems, you're afraid of separation anxiety, or they just want to have some fun!


Welcome to Canine Cove

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303 Harbor Dr. in Sausalito, just off Bridgeway

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Canine Cove is Marinís first cageless dog daycare and cageless boarding facility.  Understanding your dogís social, emotional, and physical needs is our specialty.  As pack animals, dogs can become lonely, depressed, anxious, and often times destructive when left alone.  This can lead to a cycle of misunderstanding and frustration for both owners and dogs alike.  Our mission is to prevent this cycle from occurring by providing the outlet that your dog needs and craves.  The dog-dog and dog-human interactions create the social stimulation that is necessary for dogs to develop the manners that their owners expect.  Aside from the social aspect of daycare, your dogís physical being will be completely engaged.  Each day there is an unlimited opportunity for an enthusiastic romp with other dogs, a game of fetch, some tug of war, training reinforcement or just hanging out with our staff in the indoor areas. Perhaps what Fido has in mind is something a little more relaxing like napping in the sun.  At Canine Cove, your dog will enjoy playing and socializing with friends who share the same energy level, whether that's young and spunky, small and shy, or maybe just a little more mature and  restful. No matter what option your dog enjoys, when you pick your dog up from Canine Cove you can be sure that they will be happy, a little 'dog-tired', and anxious to return to their Canine Cove friends. If your dog is not happy leaving the home or you have other animals, that's no problem either. We are more than happy to provide house sitting services or simply provide a private walk during the day.


What Makes US Special....

What makes us special is a level of quality and care that goes beyond the average daycare and boarding center. While your canine friend spends the day, weekend, week, or even longer with us they will have complete access to our full range of amenities which include:

*          Outside grass area

*          Indoor and outdoor areas

*          For both daycare and overnight visitors, we have cageless options- no crates or small sleeping quarters here!

 *         Private and semiprivate dog walks to the water available.

*          House Sitting/Private Dog Walking for those dogs that would feel more comfortable staying in the familiar home environment.

*          Quiet area lounge for when they just want to take a break

*          Baths so they go home clean and happy

*          Treats (if it fits into their diet)

*          Lots and Lots of pampering and love!

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Our Passion

Our passion is to provide a home away from home for your best friend. Canine Cove is a place where your dog will be eager to visit and will always look forward to a great day of playing and attention. While you are away, our safe and loving atmosphere will give you peace of mind and allow your canine buddy to have the best time possible even if it's just for the day.

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