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This all sounds great, but can my dog visit Canine Cove?

If you are looking for a dog daycare center, then your dog will probably fit right in. To ensure the safe, fun, and social environment that Canine Cove provides, a few simple rules must apply to all dogs. If you are unsure about any of these policies please feel free to call us and speak with a staff member.

*          Dogs must have all their shots to play in the larger areas

*         Due the the size of our space, we typically take small dogs, people oriented dogs, and older more sedate dogs. Please feel free to call so we can discuss if your dog will be a good fit at Canine Cove

*          Dogs must be spayed or neutered (after 6 months)

*          All dogs must be healthy, flea/tick free, and currently vaccinated for:

  • Rabies


  • Bordetella

*          All dogs need to be current with flea and tick medication

*          All dogs need to "play well with others" and cannot be protective of toys or space

*          All dogs must participate in a free temperament evaluation

What is a temperament evaluation, how do I schedule one, and what do I need to bring? 

A temperament evaluation is a time when a Canine Cove staff member, you, and your dog will get together and discuss your dog's history, temperament, training, and activity level. At this time, we will be evaluating your dog's interaction with staff as well as a future canine friend. This short meeting allows us to make sure that your dog will get the full benefit from their stay as well as participate in a safe manner. After the initial meeting, each dog is required to spend some time with us in the daycare setting. In doing this, we are able to evaluate your dog's comfort level and interactions while also giving each dog the sense that they are at Canine Cove to have fun and you'll be back soon to get them.

It's important that you bring a current copy of your dog's vaccinations, as well as either e-mailing the forms or bringing them with the vaccination records. Please feel free to drop in at any time from 8am - 6pm to see our center, however, to ensure your dog's comfort during the first visit all evaluations need to be scheduled ahead of time.



The following forms must be filled out and brought to the temperament evaluation so that we may understand your dog's particular needs and behaviors. You can either download the forms using the link below or we can send them to you via fax, e-mail ( ) or regular mail service. Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have.

download Canine Cove Forms

(in pdf format)