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Paul is originally from Massachusetts and fulfilled a dream of moving to California in 2002. Paul spent his childhood in a more rural setting enjoying the company of a wonderful mixed-breed named Schultz. Later the family rescued a beautiful German Shepard who was a great addition to the "farm". The experience of raising a dog in a family environment with plenty of space to romp around has instilled not only a love for dogs, but a respect for their nature, need for loving attention, and room to have fun.  

Many years ago Paul started a dog fostering campaign - rescuing and placing several dogs into the homes of their dreams.  After 10 years he started his first cageless dog daycare and cageless boarding facility. To realize his dream of moving to California, he reluctantly had to sell the business. With a proven track record and a genuine affection for all dogs, he welcomes you to “Canine Cove” and hopes that you and your dogs enjoy it as much as he does.  


Canine Cove

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Phone: (415) 331-COVE (2683)

Fax (415) 332-COVE (2683)

Alt. Fax (415) 888-3278

E-mail:  info@caninecove.com 

Hours of Operation:


Sun - Sat   7am - 7pm

(extended hours available, please see our services page)


By appointment only

Overnight Care

(Space is limited, so please call early to avoid disappointment)  

Pickup/drop off can be made anytime during daycare hours

After hours pickup/drop off can be arranged - please call us

House Sitting

Please feel free to call us any time to discuss your needs and how we can help


Canine Cove

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303 Harbor Dr.

Sausalito, CA 94965

Canine Cove is conveniently located in

Sausalito just off Bridgeway






The Family





















 Beloved CEO

Gone on to better things...




Sketti Sauce

A little puppy left at

Canine Cove

We want to thank:

Adobe Pet Hospital

Mill Valley

and particularly:

Dr Patrice Wahren

Their initial and continued care for Sketti Sauce's badly damaged leg saved her life

We would also like to thank:

Avenues Pet Hospital

San Francisco

and particularly:

Dr Richard Schwach

Who bent over backwards to help